Job Description

DATE POSTED: May 3, 2019

JOB STATUS:  Temporary/casual hire – no benefits (0.20 FTE)


SALARY:  $27.83/hour (HE12)    

JOB LOCATION:  Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital, Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii 

FUNCTION AND LOCATION:  This position works in the Respiratory Therapy unit of a hospital and exercises considerable independent clinical judgment in applying scientific knowledge and theory to practical respiratory care problems in accordance with physicians’ orders.  The position is responsible for independently administering respiratory tests and treatment to patients with respiratory diseases and disorders including cases involving critically ill, pediatric, and neonatal patients.  The position may be required to work on shifts, including evenings, and weekends and holidays.


The Minimum Qualification Requirements Are: To qualify, you must meet all the following requirements. Please note that unless specifically indicated, the required education and experience may not be gained concurrently. In addition, qualifying work experience is credited based on a 40-hour workweek.

Knowledge and Abilities used in Performing Key Duties at the Full Performance Level:  Demonstrated proficiency in the application of all of the knowledge and abilities, specified below for the Full Performance level, in providing the full range of services to the patients of the work site, independently. Knowledge of the policies, procedures and work rules of the work site.

Prerequisite Qualifications Required for the Full Performance Level:  

Education and Essential Knowledge and Abilities: Graduation from high school and two (2) years progressively responsible, full-time clinical work experience in a respiratory therapy program or services under licensed medical supervision. The work must have involved such duties as administering treatment procedures in medical gas therapy, humidity therapy, post-operative techniques, pulmonary functions, blood gas analysis, critical care, cardiopulmonary pathophysiology and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, including various types of respiratory therapy equipment, monitoring patients during treatments, charting observations and procedures, cleaning and sterilizing respiratory therapy equipment and performing operational maintenance, and performing or participating in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. One (1) year of progressively responsible clinical work experience which demonstrated competence in independently administering treatment and/or testing procedures in pulmonary functions, blood gas analysis, critical care including mechanical ventilation, and pediatric/neonatal respiratory care.

Substitutions allowed: Completion of a four (4) year college or university accredited program in respiratory therapy resulting in a Bachelor of Science degree may be substituted for all of the required experience.

Certification Required: Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Workers must be obtained within six (6) months of employment. BLS certification at the time of appointment is preferred.

Desirable Qualifications: Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) recognized by the National Board of Respiratory Care or Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRTT) recognized by the National Board of Respiratory Care.

Preferred Certifications: Hawaii Respiratory Therapist (RT) license with the Department of Commerce and Consumer affairs (DCCA); Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS); Pediatric Advances Life Support (PALS); and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP).

Required Forms And Documentation: Applicants must submit evidence of the appropriate training (e.g. official transcript or diploma and certifications) to be given credit for education. A legible photocopy will be accepted.

Physical Requirements: All applicants must be physically able to perform the essential duties of the position. The general types of physical abilities involved, and examples of the tasks requiring these abilities, follows:

Sensory: Read handwritten and typewritten patient care orders and instructions, procedural manuals, medical literature, etc.; observe skin color for cyanosis; hear through a stethoscope to listen for breath sounds and auscultate the lungs; and palpate an artery.

Coordination and Dexterity: Perform manual ventilation; arterial punctures for blood gas analysis; and change tracheostomy tubes and endotracheal tubes.

Strength and Stamina: Lift and carry a 20 pound oxygen tank; and push a 250 pound ventilator.

Mobility: Move freely throughout the hospital to perform respiratory tests and treatment on patients in the various units of the hospital.



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