DATE POSTED: Updated on May 24, 2023
JOB STATUS:  Permanent / Full-Time (1.0 FTE)
SALARY: $3,160 + $200 (shortage differential) per month | SR11 | BU03
LOCATION: This position is located in the Health Information Management (HIM), or Medical Records, department at Kaua’i Veterans Memorial Hospital (KVMH) of the Hawai’i Health Systems Corporation (HHSC) Kaua’i Region. KVMH, along with Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital (SMMH) and The Kaua’i Region Clinics, which consists of The Clinic at Waimea, The Clinic at Port Allen, The Clinic at Kalāheo, The Specialty Clinic at Kalāheo, The Clinic/Urgent Care at Po’ipū, and The Clinic at Kapa’a, are all part of a public benefit corporation of the State of Hawai’i.
The HIM department operates to establish and maintain medical records on all patients treated at a Kaua’i Region, HHSC facility and report vital statistical data, which are used in determining charges and insured maximum utilization of the hospital services; provide records management, which involves maintaining the system of identification and filing, classification and coding of diseases, preparation of birth certificate documents and controls on the release of medical records for continued patient care, insurance payments, and legal court proceeding; and maintains other patient data for Professional Activity Study and Medical Audit Program.
The Health Information Technician (HIT) I perform simple and routine health information duties such as reviewing medical records for completeness and accuracy and translating diseases and operations into the proper coding symbols; analyzing and filing medical records or preparing records for microfilming; typing medical reports of operations, imaging or laboratory examinations, or special treatments given to patients; assisting in compiling statistics; and assisting the medical staff by preparing special studies and tabulating data from records for research for Kaua’i Region. Such work is performed according to established guidelines, standards, and procedures; and performs other related duties as required. The incumbent of this position may travel to and from other facilities within the region based on operational needs. The HIT I reports directly to the Regional Director of HIM, position no. 109770, or its designee.


To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements. Please note that unless specifically indicated, the required education and experience may not be gained concurrently. In addition, qualifying work experiences are credited based on a 40-hour workweek.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent.
Licensure: None required. 
Certification: None required.
Medical Records Experience: Two (2) years of experience in a health information management department of a hospital or allied medical care facility, or in an allied health or medical program (e.g., nursing unit, admissions dept., clinic, etc.), which included such duties as filing medical records, posting data onto medical records, cross-indexing data, compiling numerical data from medical records or reports, typing/transcribing medical reports, and work of a comparable nature. The experience must have demonstrated knowledge of medical terminology, office practices and procedures pertinent to medical records processing and maintenance, common office appliances and equipment; and the ability to perform arithmetic computations, follow oral and written instructions, operate various kinds of office equipment and deal tactfully and effectively with others.


Knowledge of: The nature and uses of medical records; medical terminology; established health information management classification, coding, filing, and indexing systems; office practices and procedures; use and care of office machines; general knowledge of Health Information Management guidelines and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) laws.

Ability to: Analyze and file medical records; prepare reports and summaries from medical records; understand and apply established health information management policies, guidelines, standards, and procedures; perform arithmetic computations; deal tactfully and effectively with others; operate a typewriter, computer, and other office machines; follow oral and written instructions. Certain positions in this class may require that candidates take dictation at the rate of 90 words per minute and transcribe such dictation accurately.


Applicants must be physically able to perform, efficiently and effectively, the essential duties of the position which typically require the ability to read without strain printed material the size of typewritten characters, glasses permitted, and the ability to hear the conversational voice, with or without a hearing aid, or the ability to compensate satisfactorily.

Mental/Emotional Requirements: All applicants must possess emotional and mental stability appropriate to the job duties and responsibilities and working conditions.


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